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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically 2 - 5 business days depending on the complexity of your menu and how quickly you answer any questions we have during the setup process.
No worries! You can cancel any time. No Questions Asked!
No. However, there are a few optional 3rd party fees if you want to use those services. Specifically -- POS integration, online credit card processing and some other 3rd party integrations or if any specific custom development is required. But, as mentioned, these are optional add-ons.
Yes, definitely! And there's no extra cost.
Nope! Add as many menu items as you want; accept as many orders as your restaurant can fill; make lots and lots of customers happy.
No. We provide the online ordering system so your customers can place the orders for your restaurant. Just like a phone order, how you fill them is up to you. So if you offer delivery yourself or through a 3rd party service, great. Our system is integrated with BYKEA also for deliveries.
Our Pricing is starting as low as PKR 999 per month and 0 setup cost. For more detailes regarding pricing, please click here:
You can either accept payment at time of pickup/delivery or use an online payment provider and accept credit cards online. With either option, customers are paying you directly (Indolj does not touch your customer's money).
Yes, we highly recommend it! Adding photos will typically increase your order size. Of course, it's not the size of the order that matters, it's how you use it. Just kidding, it's the size.
You can receive orders via email, web, android tablet and/or text message
Not a problem at all -- we have tools for multiple locations and franchises that make it easy to setup and manage all of your locations. Just give us a shout and we'll be glad to assist.
Yes. You could use a full domain like www.your-restaurant.com (if you plan on using your online ordering site as your main site) or a sub-domain like order.your-restaurant.com (if you already have a website and plan to link to your online ordering site).
Yes. You can create pretty much any type of coupon, special or discount you want – Rs. off, % off, free items, etc.
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